My research career began in 2010 and ended in 2015. This comprised of a PhD I completed at QUT, Australia with the CSIRO between 2010 and 2013 and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship I completed at NTU, Singapore for 2014-2015.

During my PhD I was involved in a number of projects relating to robotic navigation, 3D reconstruction, thermography and computer vision. My thesis itself, entitled Handheld 3D thermography using range sensing and computer vision explores a synergy of these technologies and lead to the successful HeatWave project out of Data61, CSIRO.

In Singapore, I worked with both the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory and Robotics Research Centre. Here, I was involved in both the Amazon Picking Challenge and a multi-institutional A*STAR collaborative project of which our contribution was to generate a 3D model of a large, unseen section of a jack-up rig with a robotic arm in order to guide a robotic welding operation.

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